Truck, Trailer, Bus, Crane and Motorhome Wheel Alignment

When it comes to heavy vehicle wheel alignments, we know our stuff. For more than 30 years our experienced team has been wheel aligning trucks of all sizes. From the smallest delivery vehicles, to massive concrete trucks, gigantic B- train units, enormous 6 axle cranes and everything in between.


A foundation member of the New Zealand Heavy Vehicle Wheel Alignment Association, we’re one of a handful of companies in Auckland able to carry out wheel alignments on trucks, trailers, buses, cranes and motor homes.

At our modern workshop facility in East Tamaki, or at your site with our mobile truck wheel alignment service, our skilled operators precisely adjust your truck. Our comprehensive wheel alignment check involves setting the steering componentry for caster and toe, and alignment of the drive axle to the chassis.

Correct wheel alignment is essential for efficient fleet management. You’ll save money on tyres, fuel and running costs, and ensure your drivers’ safety. Various studies have reported that by adopting regular wheel alignment programmes, tyre life can be extended by up to 20% and savings of up to 5% on fuel can be achieved.

For the optimum vehicle performance, wheel alignment should be carried out at regular intervals – once a year or every 50,000 kms.

So, if you’re looking for the best truck wheel alignment service around give us a call and rest assured, we’ll get the job done.

From large to small - we Align Them all

The technical stuff about wheel alignment

Why we align your vehicles wheels the way we do.

Skilled Technicians

The Autotreads technician that works on your truck will have been trained to the highest standards in the industry, using the latest computer or laser truck alignment equipment all calibrated to exacting degrees. One of the reasons truck operators bring their trucks back to Autotreads year after year.

Save On Tyres

Tyres - are a major ongoing cost for all transport vehicles. By having wheels accurately aligned the life of the tyres are extended. The vehicle rolls smoothly over the road rather than scrubbing rubber off as it moves. As tyres have been improved to give better handling and directional stability, they have also developed a much lower tolerance to misalignment. Maintaining correct alignment of all the wheels on trucks and trailers is critical if we are to achieve good results from modern tyres. Tyre life can be extended by up to 20% by correct alignment so call now and start saving.

Other savings

A study by Fleet Equipment in the US has reported that 80% of trucks on the road are out of alignment. Contact Autotreads and make sure you’re not one of them.


Your vehicle will be set up to minimise rolling resistance. Lower road-versus-tyre friction leads to significant savings in fuel consumption.


Less stress on the steering and suspension componentry results in lower maintenance bills and helps extend the life of your vehicle.


A wheel alignment from Autotreads gives you peace of mind the vehicle will drive and handle safely with minimum stress and fatigue on the driver.


A wheel alignment can improve efficiency, saving fuel consumption and your carbon footprint. A win-win situation meaning we can all breathe easier.